Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Get Fit | Day 1

Hey loves, just wanted to share with you my journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle. I'm forever trying to get fit but I never stick to it. But this time around I think I will be able too. I just signed up for this fitness centre and I'm loving it already. With my membership I'm able to do all these classes for free; like Zuma and Yoga. Haven't done any on those yet but I can't wait to try.
Today was my first day there and I spent a hour doing cardio. Honestly for my first month there I'm going to focus on just cardio. I don't really want into it too fast and then want to give up right away. I went on the treadmill for 30minutes and the elliptical for another 30. I'm super happy that I didn't stop and I kept going even though I just getting out of breathe. By the end of the first month I hope I will be able to do 2 hrs without feeling like death but we will see.
This time around I'm definitely going to keep you ladies and gents updated regularly. My current weight is 160.6lbs and I'm hoping to get down to 125-135lbs. I'm also working on eating better but that's a challenge. If you guys have any thoughts on what I should eat I would love to hear it.

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