Thursday, September 13, 2012

Swag Shoppin | Jelly Belly

Hey ladies, just wanted to share with you the new Jelly Belly items I picked up. I recently was at Winners, like usual, and I saw this super cute Hello Kitty candy jar. And I knew I just needed it in my life. I’m such a huge fan of Hello Kitty so I always buy items that feature it; either for myself or my princess. And this was no expectation. It was around $15 and it with five mini jelly belly packets inside. But I personally knew it would last, so I also picked up two of the Cocktail Classics and a twelve once jar of 49 flavors. Honestly, I love these and I can’t wait to grab more to fill my new little Hello Kitty jar and this will probably sit on my makeup vanity so I can munch on these while I update my blog.
Do you like Jelly Belly’s?

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