Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crazy for China

Hey yall! How are you doing this lovely day? So I have been shopping at Sally's beauty supply alot lately. I just love that store, I never leave empty handed. So 2 weeks ago, roughly, I picked up 11 new polishes. I heard they were really good and I love how they are working so far. I can't really complain about anything.

The first one I decided to pick up was the Matte Magic top coat. It suppose to give any polish a flat finish. So if you have a favourite color that's shimmery/shinny it will change it to a matte look.

Next I got Rich & Famour and Jamaican Out. The Rich & Famous is a nice matte finished hot pink. I've used this color already and I like how it goes on. When it dries it has a lovely finish. So far it's one of my favourites from this line. Jamaican Out is a nice shimmery orange. It has a nice rich color and it goes on fabulously. I haven't used it on myself yet, but I really like how it looks on the hands.

I got Twenty-four K and Millennium, they are from the chrome collection. The Twenty-four K is a lovely gold color. It's a very pure color, with a slight shimmer to it. Millennium is a nice silver color, it's one of the better ones that I have tried. It does streak on the first coat. But once you let it dry and apply a second coat it has a wonderful finish.

I also got Caribbean Temptation and Sexy in the City. I really love Caribbean Temptation. It like a shimmery magenta color. I love how it looks on my toes, it was wonderful color to use for a pedicure. I believe it would look good on all skin tones. I say it's one that needed in anyones nail polish collection. Sexy in the City is just a nice teal/blue color, well more blue then teal. It has a nice shimmer to it. If you want a the true color of it you will need to do 3 coats. I also like they color for a pedicure.

Next I got Solar Power and Tree Hugger. I needed a yellow and green to add to my collection. Solar Power is a nice matte yellow. It's not too bright but it's not dull either. It looks really nice when applied. Tree Hugger is a wonderful matte green. It's almost a pale green. When it's dry it gives a very true color. This is another one of my favourites.

Finally, the last 2 i got were Liquid Leather and White on White. I was looking for a really good black polish and Liquid Leather is just what I was looking for. It only took 2 coats to make it's true color, not like some others that look up to 4 coats. It's a lovely matte color. With White on White, I had tried a few other white nail polishes, they were really runny and I couldn't get a nice finish. I was recommend this one cause it's not runny. I haven't used it as yet but once I do, I will let you know how well it works.

So this are the new polishes I have added to my collecction. I'm really enjoying how these polishes apply and dry. I will most definitely be purchasing more in the future.

Till next time!
- MizzShake <3

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