Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Updates, Update, Updates

Hey Everyone! I know I haven`t done a post in a couple of weeks, I`ve been very busy. I started at the gym but before I could really get into it I had to have surgery and I couldn`t work out for 2 weeks. Which really sucked but it`s alright hopefully I will be able to get back into it very soon. After that my little princess got sick, and it was awful she wouldn’t sleep at night and she only wanted me. So that led to me not being able to go to the gym again for another 2 weeks. Finally she got better and I planned on going back but then I blew my ear drum. When I say that is the worse pain I have ever been in I mean it. I honestly would rather give birth a million times then do this again. It`s suppose to take a few weeks to feel and till then I can`t get water in my ear. So I had to get my hair braided so I don`t have to wash my hair as often. But now the pain is all gone which I am so happy about; but it sucks that I can`t hear anything out of that ear. Well I can if I`m on my phone but that`s about it. But other than all that I been doing really well, I even lost 12 lbs which I`m happy about. That`s only 8 lbs shy of my weight loss goal.

As well I recently broke up with my boyfriend. Well not recently we officially ended the beginning of January but we tried to work it out. But it`s not meant to be at all. I can`t have negativity in my life. I don`t believe I should be with someone that always wants to fight over things that don`t matter, like twitter, youtube, etc. As well I didn`t want my daughter growing up in a household with constant fighting going on. I don`t want her growing up thinking verbal, emotional, mental and physical abuse was a normal thing in life. Because it isn`t.

Now onto wonderful news! My little angel Victoria will be turning 1 on April 13th and I have no idea what to do for it. I would love to take her to the zoo though. But maybe I will throw her a birthday party instead. Well I want to do that as well, but I’m not completely sure yet. This is my little update for now. I will be working on trying to post once a week from now on at least. Hopefully with some Outfits of the Days and Face of the Days. So stayed tuned.

Till next time with lots of love.
- MizzShake <3

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