Friday, June 17, 2011

Sigma Brushes!!

Hey ladies, I have officially received my Sigma Brushes from I got them back in May but because I was moving, I haven’t had a time to post about them yet. I haven’t even gotten to use or wash them either. That’s how far I’m behind on things lol. Anyways I received them after months of posting and finally on April 1, I had enough to luuux dollars to get them. I’m super excited to try them out. I picked the premium set which has 15 brushes. It has 7 face and 7 eye brushes. As well it comes with a lip brush. It also came with a free travel size blending brush. In my pictures I couldn’t find the lip brush, seeing it was lost in my suitcase. I’ve found it now, but I was too lazy to retake the pictures. Once I get to try them out, I will do a review on them.

Disclaimer: I blogged real hard for months to collect enough luuux dollars to get these.

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