Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weight Loss: Update

Hey ladies, I haven’t posted a weight loss update in over a month, maybe even 2 months now. Well after I moved out of my moms, I went up to 175lbs, pretty sure that’s the heaviest I have ever been. I hadn't been eating good or working out. Just a lot of stress with my plans for moving. When I left Calgary on June 2, 2011, I weighed 175.8. I've been in Toronto for almost 2 weeks now and as of today I’m down to 161.2lbs. So that basically means I lost 15lbs,  which I’m so happy with. Hopefully I can keep this up now.

I haven’t done much working out, but I’ve been walking a lot. Roughly 2 hours a day minimum. That’s due to me exploring the city and everything. As well, I haven’t been eating out a lot, or much junk food either. Been eating smaller portions and trying not to eat after 8pm, which is going pretty well.

I will be back soon, with another update.

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