Thursday, September 2, 2010

Swag Shoppin: MAC Goodies

Hey ladies I wanted to come share with you quickly the 3 items I picked up from MAC a few weeks ago. I would have posted sooner but my dad was borrowing my camera =). When I was out one day shopping for my princess I had stopped at my MAC counter looking to see if they had any slimshine lipsticks. I know they have been discontinued but at a few of the counters in my city still have a couple of shades. I really do like the formulation of the product. I was lucky enough to find one that had some left in stock. Out of the ones they had I picked out Assertive. It’s a rusty brown color with gold pearl. It’s a beautiful color. I think it will work well for fall. The next item is another lipstick, Call My Bluff, it was released in the In The Groove collection. It is a very neutral brown color. I bought it to replace my MAC Empowered lipstick, which left me looking dead. Call My Bluff coloring works better for my skin tone. And the last thing I picked up was a sharpener. I have never owned one and alot of my eye pencils need to sharpened so I decided to get it. That’s all that I had picked up at MAC.
Sharpener, Assertive & Call My Bluff

Till Next Time!
- MizzShake <3

Disclaimer: All items mentioned in this blog were purchased by me for my own personal use.

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