Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Swag Shoppin: NYX Round Lipsticks

Hey ladies, I'm back with the first part of my haul from Cherry Culture. In total I picked up 18 new items that I can't wait to try out and I'm starting out with the NYX Round Lipsticks. I've been wanting to try these for sometime now. But in Canada they range from $6-9 and I wasn't about to pay for that when I can get it cheaper online. Anyways I picked up 4 colors: 3 are in the coral/red/pink family and the other one looks pretty nude. I haven't done swatches or anything. I will be reviewing each color at a later date. Once I get to try them out and anything.

Well the colors I picked up were:
583A Haute Melon
616 Watermelon
637 Rose
643 Femme

I can't wait to give these a try. Heard and read so many good reviews on them.

Stay tuned to see what else I got!

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  1. Hey! i've seen a few posts from you on luux and i found out you're a blogger too! you have a lovely blog, i'm following!
    cant wait for the review and swatch of that first lipstick on the picture =)