Thursday, August 21, 2014

Haul | MAC Pro

Hey loves, just wanted to share with you a way over due MAC Pro Haul. I think I ordered these items back in June/July and I`m finally posting about it. The main reason I placed this MAC order was because I wanted to get my hands on the Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder/Loose. This item has been discontinued and I couldn`t pass it up. I already own the other color that it came in and I love it. So I definitely wanted to get my hands on it before I couldn`t anymore.


Next I picked up 3 pigments, I`m pretty sure they are limited edition from a Spring collection but I`m not 100%, but I needed these in my life. The colors I got were Chartreuse Bouquet, Lily-White and Pink Pearl. They are such lovely Spring/Summer colors. I haven`t used them yet but I can`t wait up incorporate them in makeup looks over the next few months. Especially now seeing I have slot of more free time. I also picked up the Eyeliner Mixing Medium so that I could use the pigments I have in my collection as liners. Thought it would be great cause I love liner over eyeshadow and it would help me get more uses from my pigments.


Next, I finally repurchased my MAC blushes that got stolen a few years ago. I originally only had 3 out of the 4 colors but I wanted to try a new color. These blushes you can only get online I believe but you might be able to get them at a pro store but I`m not 100% sure; seeing there isn`t one any where near me. But the colors I picked up were Azalea, Devil, Rhubarb and SalsaRose. They are all such beautiful colors; but I can`t wait to start wearing Rhubarb once it hits Fall.


The last 2 items I picked up were lipsticks. I picked up the color Glam which is a Matte lipstick. I got it because it was apart of the Request collection and I thought it would be a gorgeous red for Fall/Winter. And the other one I picked up was Peachstock. I`ve been eying this color for years; since the Liberty of Lodon collection. I finally gave in and added it to my collection. I`m not a huge fan on nude lipsticks but I thought it wouldn`t be a really nice one to compliment my skin tone.


I have definitely been slacking with my haul posts but I`m going to work on catching up on them. So I can share with you guys all the amazing things I`ve picked up since I went MIA. If you have any recommendations for some shadows or brushes, please leave them in a comment down below. I would love to start filling up the 2 palettes I have and to try out some new brushes as well. 

 Disclaimer: Items were purchased by me or given to my as gifts for my own personal use. The items marked with (*) were received as gratis from work.

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