Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting Fit: Dance Central

Hey ladies, so I been posting about my weight loss, which I’m kind of behind on right now. But I will be updating very soon. So my brother got the limited edition 360 that came out for Halo, I believe, yeah don’t kill me I just don’t know lol. So he got it for his birthday but seeing he’s so many he lets everyone use it. Anyways for Christmas my folks picked up the Kinect for it. Love that thing, to make a long story short. I’ve been using it to help get fit. Dance Central is one of the games I really love to play. I personally don’t own it, but my cousin does and he brings it over every other day it seems and I’m always playing it. It’s so much fun, even though it truly pisses me off cause I can never seem to get a 4 start rating on the chanllenges. But that’s alright, there are so many different songs to use from. I honestly can play this for a hour straight with realizing that the time is going buy. Which makes it funnier for me to get fit. I would recommend this game if you want a way to work out without actually working out.

What’s your favourite Kinect game?

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