Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Swag Shoppin: Zara

Hey ladies, I just have to come share with you the new heels I picked up from Zara. I never shop at Zara; it's currently not in my budget at all. But the other day I went shopping and I was looking to buy a pair of over the knee boots but I didn't find any that I really liked. So on my way out of the mall I passed by Zara and they had the huge sale signs in the window, so I went to have a look. Omgosh they had so many great things on sale and I wanted to buy it all. I ended up trying on a few skirts and I didn't really like how they looked and while walking out of the change rooms I spotted both pair of heels on a table saying prices start at $29.99. I picked up the green ones looking for my size and omgosh it was the last pair; they were originally $99.90 and they were on sale for $39.99 but to my surprise the sales associate walking by let me know that they had just gone down to $19.99!! Omgosh, I just had to have them. Then while trying to see if they had anymore great deals, I spotted the black ones. They were originally $99.90 and I got them for $19.99!!! I'm absolutely in love with both of them and beyond happy that I walked into Zara that day. After tax I only spent $42 which was amazing. I saved around 80% off the regular price. Beyond happy with these new heels and I can't wait to wear them out.

Have you ever bought heels from Zara?

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