Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swag Shoppin | Gap Kids

Hey ladies, I stopped by Gap last week sometime looking to see if they had any great deals. I had wanted to use up the store credit I had but I didn’t like anything that thing had in the woman’s section that caught my eye. So I decided to see what else I could get for Princess. In their sale section they didn’t have alot of items to pick from in her size but I want able to grab 3 items:

Grey Sequence Zipper Hoodie - $14.99 (original $39.95)
White Sequence Tank - $4.97 (original $19.95)
Floral Skirt - $10.97 (original $34.95)
I’m completely happy with the things I picked up for her and I might check out another location to see if they have different items on their sale racks. Have you recently picked up anything from Gap?

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