Friday, May 4, 2012

Swag Shoppin | Bath & Body Works

Hey ladies, just stopping by to share with you a small haul from Bath & Body Works, you’re probably asking yourself why I need so many candles and I couldn’t really give you an answer. I just like to shop there and get alot of candles lol. But I’m hoping that I will stop for awhile after the Summer Semi Annual sale cause I’ve been saving up to get some great deals. Anyways, this time around I had stopped in before going to work because I was looking for the Pineapple Punch in the 14oz but they didn’t have it. To my surprise they were giving out $5 off coupons when you entered the store so I decided to grab to mini candles: Malibu Smash and Coconut Water. While I was there I had gotten them to call another location to see if they had the 14oz Pineapple Punch Candles and they did, so I got them to put them on hold for me, so I could grab them after work. I’m beyond excited that I got these. They remind me of Jamaica and summer time. As well I picked up 2 of the mini Malibu Heat body lotions, haven’t given them a try yet but they smell really nice.
Have you recently picked up anything from Bath and Body Works?

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