Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weight Lose | Update


Hey loves, just wanted to pop in and share with you a quick update on my weight loss journey. When I first started I was doing great I has lost between 10-12lbs. But with work becoming busy and my other job needing me to work more shifts I`ve been slacking on a serious note. I honestly haven`t been to the gym in about 5 weeks I think now; and durning that time I`ve gained back about 8lbs. I`m not super happy about that but it`s a journey I`m trying to commit to.

With that being all said and done; today was my first day back to the gym and it was amazing. I just started off with cardio and I`m planning to do that only for the next couple of weeks. Once I get back into going to the gym regularly I`m going to we adding weights to my routine. 

Along with that I will be adding yoga and Zumba once a week to the mix. This time around I know exactly what days I will be going and it will always be the same from here on out as well. And I`m super pumped about it. Along with this set schedule, I have given myself a 3 month goal. By February I want to loose 25-30lbs; I`m going on my first vacation in about 4years. I`m currently weighing in at 158.3lbs and I think my goal is achievable. That means I have about 3 months to drop this extra weight I`m carrying around and it gives me a monthly goal I want to reach.

In addition to me starting over. I`m going to be updating you guys about every two weeks with my progress and let you know what`s helpings stay on track and what tools I`m using to help me get fit and toned as well. I would love to hear back from you guys if you have any awesome tips for me to try. As well if you`re a green smoothie drinker, I would love to her what you put in your smoothie.

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