Friday, December 6, 2013

Black Friday Haul | Express

Hey loves, just wanted to share with you the few goodies I picked up from Express for Black Friday. Originally I wasn`t on doing any shopping but my mom sent me on a mission for her and I happy I did. I picked up my first set oh watches. I`m not a person to wear a watch but I asked for a Michael Kors watch so I thought I would get a couple I could wear on a more regular basis. Everything was 50% off, even on sale items. The first watch I got was the hot pink one. It was on sale for $59 and I couldn`t pass it up. I was only going to get the one but then I decided that I might as well get one that I could wear daily and went with the black one with gold accents.
The last thing I picked up were these glasses. I`ve been eyeing them since about my birthday which one August and I finally decided to get them. I love these type of frames but I always break them so I`m happy I got these on a great deal.
I wish I had picked up some clothes. But seeing I`m one weight loss journey; I didn`t want to buy something I wouldn`t be able to wear in a few months. Did you guys pick up anything from express?

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