Sunday, December 1, 2013

Makeup No Buy!!

Hey loves, just wanted to stop by and share with you my current makeup no buy. So starting today, December 1, 2013; I am no longer to buy any makeup. I honestly have a ridiculously large collection and I need to get threw it. My goal is not to buy any makeup until I buy a car. Which is hopefully not too long, I`m hoping by April but the latest is June. I definitely think I can do that. But there will be some exceptions, like when I go to Vegas and Baltimore for visits I will love to do a little damage because the States have such great prices. 

While doing this no buy I`m going to update you on products I`ve hit pan on as well as finished. This no buy includes both beauty and skincare. During this time as well I will be working on reviews and letting you know what I think of the products I used up. Hopefully doing this will give me a chance to rediscover products that I loved in the past. And just a quick little heads up well, I`ve shopped a lot in the past couple of weeks and I haven`t shared them with you yet. So I will still be posting a lot of hauls from now to the new year but it isn`t anything brand new or anything like that.

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