Thursday, December 17, 2009

Review: Tea Tree Clearing Lotion

Hey guys! How are you doing this morning? I hope everyone is well. I’m coming at you with another review. Today it’s going to be on the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Clearing Lotion. I had bought this about over a month ago and have been using it twice a day. Once in the morning after I cleanse my face and right before I go to bed. I’m not a big fan of this product. It’s supposed to be moisturizing but it leaves my face feeling dry and tight. When you first apply it, it does feel nice and stuff but in 5 minutes it just leaves my skin very tight. It’s actually really uncomfortable when it happens. I have been trying different amount of it to see if it’s because I’m not applying enough of the product. So far it’s still leaving my face very tight and dry. So I’m looking for something new to true in the New Year. I’m still going to it some more time to see if it works or not. If you have any suggestions on what works really well to give your moisture let me know.

Till next time!
- MizzShake <3

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