Thursday, September 15, 2011

I’m Fat...

...So what? Honestly, I’m not here trying to get or have people to tell me I’m skinny or anything. It’s just a little rant. I’m completely tired of people, well family members, coming at me with “don’t you see you look like a whale,” “damn girl, did you notice you have 4 chins,” etc. That shit be getting on my nerves, like I know I ain’t skinny like I was back in high school but I’m alright with my size. Yeah before I was like oh I need to loose weight and everything but I finally embraced that I’m a bigger person. Like I won’t get back to 110lbs, if I do, I would be cool same with if I don’t that’s alright as well. Like I’m 157lbs right now, and I’m alright with it, so why can’t everyone else be happy?

Do people nag you about your weight gain, if so how do you handle it?

(First pic is when I was 19, Second pic is from last week )

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