Monday, September 19, 2011

New Goodies: Concealers

Hey ladies, here are the next items I picked up from my Cherry Culture order. I’ve never worn concealer before and all that great stuff. But I’ve been looking around to try one, I didn’t want to pick up one from MAC or anything like that because I wanted to get use to the idea of using concealer. Originally I didn’t know what colors to get and I didn’t want to own 4 concealers from NYX. So I picked up a NYX Concealer Stick in Tan and NYX Concealer In A Jar in Nutmeg. The tan color works really well under my eyes and the nutmeg works for blemishes so far. I don’t know if nutmeg will still work for me once I lighten up in the next couple of months.

What’s your favourite concealer to use for your under eye area and blemishes?

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  1. I have them both the stick and in a jar chestnut in both and i have nutmeg in the jar for some reason nutmeg isnt as creamy as my chestnut is but i love them both and alternate between the colors.

    Im sure you will enjoy both of them, im not sure if your buy any shopping outlets but some of the perfumania have them for like 5/$10