Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Goodies: NYX Lip Pencils

Hey ladies, at the end of August Cherry Culture was having 20% off everything for back to school, so I had to make an order. I ordered 12 new lip pencils from NYX. I really enjoy these lip pencil since my lovely friend Lor’eal sent me my first two. I can’t wait to try out the new colors I got, they are mostly pinks and purples. But eventually I want to own all the colors they have. I’m hoping to reach that goal by Christmas. No swatches in this post, maybe I will do it at a later date, not completely sure yet.

The ones I picked up were:
801 Auburn
808 Deep Purple
812 Plum
822 Coffee
831 Mauve
834 Prune
836 Bloom
838 Purple Rain
839 Dolly Pink
848 Flower
856 Sand Pink
859 Edge Pink

Honestly, I can’t wait to use these and see the color pay off. Stay tuned for FOTD postings to see these bad boys in use.

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  1. Love NYX liners, they have great color and so inexpensive. I use them in my MUA kit.