Saturday, November 5, 2011

Swag Shoppin: Bath & Body Works

Hey ladies, you shouldn’t be surprised by this post. Yes it is ANOTHER bath and body works haul. Honestly, it’s my current addiction. So after work on Wednesday I asked my cousin for a ride home and we decided it would be a good idea to go to the mall. To my surprise they had the 14.0z candles on special for $15. Basically you got a candle and a sleeve for that price, which is a great deal seeing that each candle is $22.50. In the end , I ended up picking 2 candles, 2 sleeves and a 1.6 oz sleeve. I wanted to spent $30 so I could use my $10 off coupon. Even better news my cousin decided he would buy the candles for me as well, it was a great day. I swear every time we going shopping he buys something for me and I love it lol. Anyways, the candles I picked were: Frosted Cranberry and Marshmallow Fireside, they both smell so amazing. The first sleeve has mistletoes and the second had snow men and trees. Finally the 1.6 sleeve is a reindeer. I do plan on picking up more candles of the next week when I get paid, they currently have the 14.0 oz candles for 2 for $25 and that means I’m only paying $2.50 for one of the candles. So keep an eye out for that post sometime later this week.

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