Sunday, November 20, 2011

Swag Shoppin: Bath & Body Works

Hey ladies, here is another haul from Bath & Body Works. Honestly, I need to relax and hopefully this is the last set of things I buy myself from there until after Christmas. They were having the 14.0 oz candles on sale for 2 for $25. I ended up picking for 4 of them in total but one was for my baby sitter and I also was able to get a 4.0 oz one for free with a coupon. I also picked up a few things from their aromatherapy line as well.

The things I picked up were:
14 oz Cranberry Pear Bellini Candle
14 oz S’Mores Candle
14 oz Homemade Cookies Candle
4 oz Frosted Cupcake Candle
2 oz Energy Lemon Zest Body Wash & Foam Bath
2 oz Stress Relief Vanilla Verbena Body Wash & Foam Bath
Sleep Sommeil Night Time Tea Body Wash & Foam Bath
Pocket Bac Holder

Have you recently picked up anything from Bath & Body Works? What’s your favourite candle?

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