Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swag Shoppin: Bath & Body Works

Hey ladies, I'm back with another post of candles from my latest stop to Bath & Body Works. I swear like I feel like I hope daily at that store, which is probably true lol. I had to get 2 more 14oz candles before the sale ended. I also grabbed 2 mini candles and a luxury bath for my princess bedtime baths.

14oz Bahama Fizz
14oz Wild Strawberry ( a new favorite, might need a back up )
1.3oz White Palm
1.3oz Peach Bellini
15oz Sleep Sommeil Lavender Vanilla Luxury Bath

Honestly, I need to stop with the candles but omgosh they smell amazing. It's like heaven. Oh I really need to get my hands on the little turtle and pineapple holders. They are super cute. I think I will get those next and be done for awhile.

What candles have you picked up recently?

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