Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swag Shoppin: Gap Kids

Hey ladies, just sharing with you the first of many posts on things I picked up for princess. Her birth is in about 2 weeks and I’m doing a huge shopping spree to get her new clothes and things singing she’s not going to be my baby anymore. The first place I stopped by was the Gap and grabbed a few things before I went to work. I’m probably going to have so many more Gap posts because they have so many cute things for Spring and Summer.

The things I picked up:
-          Spaghetti tank top in 3 years old
-          Purple dress in 3 years old
-          Demin romper in 3 years old
-          Floral romper in 3 years old
-          Birthday girl long sleeve shirt in 3 years old
I’m not usually a huge Gap fan but they have so many great things this year. Honestly, my princess is going to be looking better than me this summer. Make sure you stay tuned to see her in her OOTD posts starting this weekend!!

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