Sunday, November 25, 2012

Swag Shoppin | Limited Edition Maybelline

Hey ladies, just wanted to stop by and share with you the new Maybelline goodies I recently picked up from Shoppers. I was finally able to find the Maybelline Fall Collection at my Shoppers in the mall I work at. I saw them at another mall but I was in a rush, I should of gotten everything then but hopefully I will find the items I’m missing at a location closer to me. Anyways, I was able to pick up 3 of the limited edition eye shadow quads.
The ones I got were:
- 100 Cozy Cashmere
- 200 Smokey Cinnamon
- 300 Sea Sprite
Honestly, there is one more I want to get but I honestly, can’t think of the name right now. As well I really wanted to get my hands on the Color Tattoos but hopefully when I go to the first mall I saw them at I will be able to get a hold of them. Have you picked up anything from this collection?

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