Thursday, November 15, 2012

Swag Shoppin | Mini Candles

Hey ladies, while I was out on my mission getting all the items from the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection I stopped by Bath and Body Works. I was at a mall that I never go to and I didn’t even know they had one and when I walked in they had all these great promos on the summer stuff. I was honestly, trying to stay away from buying anything but then I saw that they had the mini candles on for 5 for $5 and I decided I would get some. I limited myself to only getting 5 because I have a ridiculous amount of candles already and I really don’t need any more.
The ones I picked up were:
- Black Berry Grapefruit
- White Palm
- Pineapple Mango
- Malibu Smash
- Peach Bellini
I already have a bunch of these but honestly, I love these scents and I can’t wait to get around to burning them. Have you recently picked up anything from Bath & Body Works?

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