Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Swag Shoppin | Essence

Hey ladies, just wanted to share with you the goodies I recently picked up Essence. I was recently in Shoppers Drug Mart and I spotted the Essence Twilight Collection. Quick disclaimer!! I’m not a Twilight fan or anything of the sort; I don’t think Vampires should shimmer. But this collection was beautiful so I had to get it. I picked everything expect for the lip products. The items I decided to get were:
Jacob’s Protection Pigment
Alice Had a Vision-Again Pigment
A Piece of Forever Pigment
Edward’s Love Pigment
Renesmee Red Blush
Bella’s Secret Shimmer Powder
This is my first time purchasing Essence and I’m super excited to see how well they work. Have you picked up anything from this collection; what are your thoughts on it?

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