Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Swag Shoppin | New Brushes

Hey ladies, just wanted to stop by and share with you the new brushes I recently picked up from Sephora. Lately, if you have noticed I’ve been buying alot of brushes. I already have alot of brushes in my collection but I want to give higher end brushes a try as well. Recently Sephora discontinued their professional line and introduced a new line of brushes. I’m haven’t really looked into the new brushes but the old I had been wanting a few of them for a while. So seeing that they are all on sale now I was able to pick up 4 of them to try. The ones I was able to get my hands on were:
- 45 concealer
- 58 tapered foundation
- 23 angled eyeliner
- 12 shadow


I still want to grab a few more but I think I might have to order them online but I will keep checking back at my Sephora’s to see if they get or have any of the other ones I want to try. Have you tried the Sephora Professional Brushes; what are your thoughts on them?

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