Monday, January 14, 2013

Swag Shoppin | MAC

Hey ladies, I just wanted to share with you the goodies I recently picked up from MAC. I’m currently trying to slow down on my MAC purchases for the New Year and hopefully it works out. But I wanted to treat myself to a new brush and some goodies from the holiday collection. I picked up the 234 Split Fibre Eye Shadow Brush; this was released this past summer and I’m happy that I was able to pick it up. I also ordered the Split Fibre Cheek brush but that hasn’t come in the mail yet and I’m super excited for that brush as well. From the holiday collection I picked up the Guilty Passions: 4 Brilliantly Cool Crushed Pigment set. I’m super excited to try out these pigments and I can’t wait to create looks with them. Lastly, I picked up the MAC shadow in Espresso and I got it fill in my brows, possibly, or for a crease color.
What have you recently purchased from MAC?


  1. those pigments look really wonderful! I have yet to go to a MAC store...I'm afraid I won't know what to get first!

    1. haha, I was the same way but I picked the one I thought I would use the most. I hope you find something that you really like!